Monday, December 27, 2004

Legacy of the Vulture

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Music & Lyrics by Patrick Anderson

Sons and daughters feed the vulture
Of this drug infested culture
Go ahead, you’ll be OK
Take your poison everyday
Reality is just a show
It’s not a place you have to go
Take a look at your reflection
Can you stand the introspection?


Will you let this misdirection
Drag you through the dark depression
Suck you in and spit you out
Leave you hopeless, full of doubt
Can you fight it on your own
Or will the vulture pick your bones?

Once you stick it to yourself
Integrity stays on the shelf
Every time you lie your lies
You can see it in your eyes
Throw away the old belief
You’re nothing but a common thief
Justify it all you can
The truth is just a backup plan


When you walk down user street
Your life is always incomplete
You’re flippin’ off your biggest fans
Your future’s in the garbage can
Don’t you hear your mother cryin’
Can’t you see your father dyin’
Everybody feels the pain
Nobody wins on loser lane


Brothers don’t you miss the point
You’re passing more than just a joint
The children think you know the score
You’ve got them in the candy store
Stop your reckless introduction
It’s a legacy of self destruction
Blow your own mind if you must
Don’t bastardize the children’s trust


The candyman will lie to you
He’ll tell you it’s the thing to do
You know he’s got to help you score
To feed his vulture evermore.
When you finally crash and burn
What direction will you turn?
Your friends are nowhere to be found
They’ve fled the scene—they’re out of town.


Turn around, it’s not too late
To rearrange your gloomy fate
Get back to who you really are
Respect yourself and raise the bar
You never needed all that crap
You fell into the vulture’s trap
Escape from your dependency
Reality will set you free.


Copyright 2004 Patrick Anderson

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